How Many Calories In McDonald’s Iced Coffee Update 06/2023

McDonalds introduced its iced in 2009, and it continues to be a favorite for many people that enjoy refreshingly cool coffee. The iced coffee comes in different flavored syrups of hazelnut, French vanilla, sugar-free French vanilla, and caramel. While the McDonald’s coffee shops from across the world get their fair share of coffee lovers, not every person that loves their iced coffee can visit the coffee shops.

Besides the great tasting flavors, McDonald’s coffee is 100% Arabica coffee beans that make it high-quality coffee. The McDonald iced coffee servings come in small, medium, and large size coffee cups. Some of McDonald’s iced coffee ingredients include liquid sugar and light cream, which may lead to the question, how many calories are there in a mug of McDonald’s coffee?

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So, How Many Calories In McDonald’s Iced Coffee

A regular medium size McDonald’s iced coffee serving is 11 ounces. The small cup of iced McDonald’s coffee contains 140 calories, the medium cup, 180 calories, and the large cup, 240 calories. The iced coffee’s main ingredients are liquid sugar, which contains water, sugar, -potassium sorbate preservative and citric acid, roast Arabica coffee, ice, and light cream. Light cream ingredients are cream milk, sodium phosphate, sodium stearoyl lactylate, carrageenan, and DATEM.

How Many Calories In McDonald's Iced Coffee

Other related McDonalds iced coffees with the number of calories they contain are as follows:

  • Small size iced caramel macchiato            210 calories
  • Small iced mocha 280 calories
  • Small iced caramel mocha 280 calories
  • Small iced non-fat latte 50 calories
  • Large frozen cold brew 480 calories
  • Medium vanilla iced coffee 190 calories
  • Medium sugar-free vanilla iced coffee 120 calories

Other related McDonalds coffee specialties

  • Small caramel latte 250 calories
  • Small caramel mocha 310 calories
  • Small latte 140 calories
  • Small size cappuccino 120 calories
  • Small size caramel cappuccino 210 calories
  • Small size caramel machiatto 280 calories
  • Small size mocha 300 calories
  • Small size vanilla cappuccino 180 calories

Regular types of iced coffees

  • Iced coffee with cream 26 calories
  • Iced coffee with cream and sugar 50 calories
  • Iced coffee with milk 6 calories
  • Iced coffee with milk and sugar 30 calories
  • Iced coffee with sugar 29 calories
  • Plain iced coffee 4 calories

Regular types of coffee

  • Cappuccino 74 calories
  • Coffee 2 calories
  • Coffee made from ground beans 2 calories
  • Espresso coffee 1 calorie
  • Instant coffee from powdered coffee 5 calories
  • Latte coffee 135 calories

Fat and Cholesterol Content

Plain iced coffee does not contain any cholesterol or fat, but after adding cream, the fat content goes up to 8 grams. 5 grams of the 8 grams is from saturated sources and 3 mg is cholesterol. McDonalds uses vanilla syrup in their iced coffee, which is both cholesterol and fat free.

Protein and Sodium

McDonald’s iced coffee is one of the lowest sodium beverages in the market as it contains only 10 mg of sodium. It does not contain any protein either.

Sugar, Fiber, Carbohydrates

Regular back McDonalds iced coffee does not contain sugar, fiber, or carbohydrates. After adding cream, the iced coffee gets 2 grams of carbohydrates, while vanilla syrup provides the iced coffee with 27 grams of carbohydrates.

Minerals and Vitamins

The iced coffee also provides vitamin A and calcium in small amounts after adding cream to the regular black coffee.

Wrapping it up

Though the additional minerals and vitamins after adding cream are insignificant, the popularity of McDonalds iced coffee is immense. The coffee made from premium Arabica beans from different parts of the world appeals to other coffee enthusiasts outside the USA as well.