Founders CBD Hemp Flower Review Update 03/2023

Founders CBD Hemp Flower2

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson have two things in common. They are former USA presidents, and both worked as hemp farmers, whose contribution to the industry lives on forever, thanks to the Founders CBD Hemp Flower. The brand pays homage to them, bringing nationalistic pride to the industry.

Besides honoring past heroes, the brand has an extensive range of products that they produce with help from chemists and expert hemp farmers. The products are available to wholesalers through the brand website. Retail buyers also have a chance of purchasing the products through, the brand’s e-commerce website.

Founders CBD Hemp Flower

Products Offered

Founders CBD Hemp Flower has a quality line of products that makes it hard to choose which one is better than the other. The products range from hemp flowers to oils and tinctures. However, some products, such as the Hemp Excellence Hemp Body Butter, are among the most popular products in the vast range of products.

Buyers like the product for its highly potent effects on varying skin nuances. Other top favorites in the rich catalog include the hemp freeze cream for its prominent soothing effects on physical tension that provides a more relaxed and calmer physique. Hemp Symmetry Extract is famous for its peppermint flavor that leaves relaxing benefits with a refreshing taste.

Discounts and Coupons

If you are looking for the best way to save on your next purchase of a Founders CBD hemp flower product, you should visit the brand’s website. The website allows you to sign for a periodic newsletter to enable you a 25% discount on your first purchase. Once you join the mailing list, you receive a coupon immediately.

The company also considers veterans’ plight and appreciates them by offering a 10% discount on each purchase they make. The e-commerce website website is another place to look for attractive promotional offers, seasonal discounts, and up to 50% on hemp flower sales.

The company also offers free shipping offers that they give randomly to buyers within the state. Wholesalers that want to resell their products also get discounts, but they have to apply to the program first. The move allows them to make significant profits once they buy the products at discounted prices.

 Legal Compliance

You can trust Founders Hemp for the delivery of the safest and highest quality products. The brand takes the advice it gets from experts seriously to cultivate natural hemp with high CBD potency and effects. All the products go through third-party testing to ensure they do not surpass the stipulated 0.3% THC levels in compliance with the farm act bill of 2014.

The brand ships the products across all the states of America and always ensures that paperwork and corresponding legal notices for safety and education accompany the products. The dedication of the company is to improve the benefits and effects of CBD for all its users.


  • It brings out the rich history of hemp production in the USA
  • Wide range of high quality and potent products
  • Legally compliant with the farm act
  • Offers discounts, coupons, and promotional deals
  • Sensitive to the needs of veterans
  • Provides free shipping within the state


  • Does not specify the CBD extraction method
  • No documented tests for purity and contaminants

What People Say

The Founders Hemp Company delivers what it promises, which plays a huge part in earning the brand a large base of committed clients. It offers fair priced products that come with potent formulations and amazing effects.

The most favorite products with the buyers are topical solutions such as healing salves and lotions. The salves offer easily noticeable results after just a few applications providing you with benefits you do not get from smoking alone.

Wrapping it up

Founder’s Hemp has one mission for hemp lovers, and that is to make its production rise again. The brand does more than remembering the two great statesmen. It proves that it is possible to have great hemp by leading the way with quality products that come with formulations and potency.

Founders Hemp products provide all the benefits expected of the CBD flower and its products. The products come at a fair price, and there are various sub-products to choose from for CBD benefits. The products are all safe because the company complies with the farm act bill and ensures that third party testing is part of the compliance process.